Chemicals are in almost anything. From what we eat to what we use to clean our homes, they are everywhere. A chemical is a form of matter that cannot be broken down into different components or elements by physical methods, but chemical methods are needed to break the bonds therein.

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Every chemical has permanent properties and can be solid, liquid or gas. If there is a change in temperature or pressure between the phases of the substance, the substance can change from solid to liquid to gas. They can be mixed together to make new types of chemicals.

Mixtures are different elements or compounds that are held together without chemical bonds. However, chemicals are elements that are chemically related. Hence they are called pure mixtures. They can be a pure single element or a combination of elements.

Many of the products we use are the result of chemical reactions. Chemicals are essential for the manufacture of many different things, from agricultural products to food and drink to pharmaceuticals. Recently, their demand has increased significantly.

To be able to supply chemicals, the supplier must meet the quality and production standards of chemicals in the country where it practices. Manufacturers are always looking for good suppliers who can provide high quality chemicals.

 Several guidelines can be applied by statutory regulations to ensure that quality chemicals produced are of good quality when they are packaged, labeled, produced and distributed. Some companies that make products, including chemicals, make their own chemicals, while others may find them from suppliers.

Chemicals can also be dangerous if not used properly. Precautions must be shown on the packaging to ensure that consumers are aware of the harm they may cause if used incorrectly.

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