The last two weeks have been brutally enough in terms of the volume of challenges that appear in my life. I thought I had cleared many obstacles through my release work for the past year. I know I am armed with lots of techniques, such as meditation, hypnosis and energy healing, so I am confident in taking any challenges that come and handle emotions such as fear and doubt. You can also unlock your inner light via .

Deep down, I know they are only tests from the universe to help me grow, encourage me to surpass my comfort zone, and evolve as a person. When you really experience this challenge, this is another story. I felt like I was torn to the core, my outside world crashed into, and it felt like walking through hellfire, so to speak.

1) Feel the negative emotions from the challenges and then release them

Let the emotions of challenge flow through you. When challenging situations arise, make yourself feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, feelings of guilt, and more. Be an observer – don't criticize or judge yourself or suppress these emotions.

2) Ask your heart after the lesson

Listen for answers from the heart. I can't tell you how – only you know how to communicate with your heart. It may be difficult at first, but like a muscle, it needs to be trained and developed to maximize its potential use.

3) Work with your heart to express your greatest desires

Once you have mastered the challenges and released some of your blockages and negative emotions, start communicating with your heart and asking your heart what you’re greatest desires are.