What are distillates?

A type of cannabis extract, distillates are one of the most concentrated cannabis products out there. Made by stripping cannabis down to just one specific cannabinoid (usually THC or CBD), distillates are typically a runny translucent oil. 

Distillates are the base we use for most cannabis vapes and many dispensaries use them for edibles because it is potent and generally lacks any flavor, taste, or aroma.

What’s the difference between concentrates and distillates?

All distillates are concentrates, but not all concentrates are distillates. Distillate concentrates is a large category we use for any form of cannabis that has been concentrated from its original flower form into the oil with higher potency. Concentrates include distillates, shatter, budder, waxes, budder, and any form of cannabis extract that is more potent than the original flower it came from.

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What’s the difference between cannabis oil and distillates?

Distillates are a type of cannabis oil, but they’re not necessarily the only type. CO2 oils have earned their own distinction for their unique processing. Made using carbon dioxide to separate the components.

CO2 oils generally retain more of the original flavor and aroma from terpenes than distillate does. Some people prefer CO2 oils over distillates because the distillation process doesn’t rely on chemicals such as butane, making it more natural than other methods.

Another type of cannabis oil, called Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (FSCO), captures the full range of bioactive compounds created within the plant without altering their composition in the process. 

This makes FSCOs a concentrate and oil, but not a distillate, as distillates are stripped down and don’t include terpenes or flavors from the plant unless they are added after the fact.


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