The development of web applications is a specialized field of software development that is involved in the creation and maintaining software applications that can be used to create websites or for deploying web-based solutions. 

The current development uses an array of programming languages like Java and PHP to develop the necessary application. The variety of languages makes it possible for software development companies to make sure that their applications work with a variety of servers, platforms, and systems. You can also hire experts for mobile app & web application development companies in Singapore online.

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The introduction of more modern technologies and more sophisticated frameworks and programming languages has increased the developer's flexibility which has led to an exponential growth of web-based applications available to users of all ages and businesses.

Today and Then: Inception to Web Applications in Enterprises

At the beginning of the millennium, the internet presence of the majority of businesses was limited to a handful of static websites with an inventory of services and products along with small details about the product along with contact information such as cellphone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers. 

Online shopping was a new concept that was attempted by just a handful of people. Online payment was in its beginnings and Google was a simple search engine. Now, fast forward to the present day and a totally new picture is revealed – websites are dynamic and have information designed to draw new customers.

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