There are a few reasons why Thai food is so popular in Spokane. First and foremost, the flavors are absolutely delicious. From the sweet and sour sauce to the spices, Thai cuisine is definitely one of the most flavorful cuisines around. 

Additionally, many of the ingredients used in Thai cooking are commonly found in Spokane, making it easy for locals to find and cook authentic Thai recipes. And lastly, the prices are very reasonable for what you get – especially compared to some of the more high-end restaurants in town. If you want to order Thai food visit

thai food

If you love Thai food, Spokane has plenty to offer. From casual Thai restaurants to elegant and upscale places, there is something for everyone. Here are some of our favorite Thai restaurants in Spokane.

  • Kanom Noodle House – This casual restaurant has been a favorite of locals for years. It's known for its affordable prices and hearty Thai cuisine. Try the larb or pad thai dishes for a taste of the best that Kanom has to offer.

  • Bangkok Bistro – This upscale Thai restaurant is perfect for a special occasion or if you're looking for something luxurious. The decor is rich and dark, with beautiful traditional Thai art on the walls. 

  • Thai Spice – This place definitely feels like a hidden gem, especially since it can get pretty crowded during peak hours. It's definitely got a cozy feel to it, and the food here is top-notch.

All in all, there's really no reason not to try some great Thai food in Spokane! So whether you're in the mood for something light and contemporary, or a more traditional Thai dish, give these great restaurants a try.

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