Planned Activities

The first key element to consider when booking a charter is balancing your activity goals versus what is realistic. If you're hoping to do a number of dives each day, experts suggest people opt for a live-aboard experience geared towards strong divers. 

Realistically, with transit times and a smaller crew, most professionals say that customers will be lucky to get in two dives per day at most. The idea of a sailing charter is for the "nice and easy experience," not a dive vacation. If you are also planning for charter fishing, then it would be best to book your private fishing tours from for the dreamy fishing experience. 


The biggest mistake experts encounter once people book their charters is the amount of luggage they show up with. The fact is that boats aren't big and every inch of space taken up by your stuff is space you can't enjoy.

Don't bring hard suitcases and limit the number of clothes you bring. The reality is you're likely to be in a swimsuit the majority of the time, so how much clothing do you really need? Opt for clothes that dry fast, get toiletry bottles that float, and bring extra hair ties and hats, bug spray, sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF as your lips will get chapped and burnt out after being on the water for days on end. 

Ask Questions

Before booking, be sure to ask ample questions of your broker or charter company directly. This is their passion, and they want everyone to experience a dream sail rather than be disappointed over miscommunication. 

Ask questions and be specific about the details that are most important to you upfront. This way there are no surprises, and it gives the charter company time to fulfill your wish list rather than scramble as you're preparing to set sail.