Many men choose to appear cleaner with less body hair than they did in the past. For many men, that means shaving, for those looking for a more professional answer, it means wax masks at the salon. The clean look of a wax mask is much better than shaving because it lasts longer and gives better results over time because hair is thinner and easy to remove, but another problem for many men who want a professional wax mask. Many wax salons don't work below a man's waist. But if you are looking for Brazilian men waxing in Hong Kong then you can search over the web.

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However, in most areas, services are not available simply because wax salons do not want to work with men. This may be due to the stigma of being perceived as massage parlours or other businesses that, under the guise of some other service, provide less than legal services. 

It is possible that the masked technician felt uncomfortable working with men because they had not traditionally done so. Whatever the reason, very few salons actually offer the services men are looking for today.

Often, the salon itself offers an unattractive atmosphere to men, making the salon more of a spa than a service company. The salons that offer the best male and female wax services also usually have an impression without worrying about feminine looks, although women can still be their biggest audience.