The course in Biblical Studies is a great way for interested individuals to learn about the Bible and its influence on world history. The following resources are available online for those who want to learn more about this course:

– videos from the lectures

– PowerPoint slides from the lectures

– readings from the Bible

The resources below can be found online for free. They may be helpful in studying the course in biblical studies.

– Bible Gateway: This website has a variety of resources, including a search engine to help you find what you're looking for, topical guides, and videos that explain different concepts. You can opt for biblical courses online at

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– The Great Courses: This online course provider offers a number of biblical studies courses, each with a different focus. You can choose from courses on the Bible's history, literature, and theology, or on modern translations and interpretation.

– Bible Study Guides: These downloadable PDFs offer step-by-step instructions for reading and analyzing passages from the Bible. They are designed for individual use, but they can also be shared with friends or group members for group discussions.

The course in Biblical Studies offers students a comprehensive and in-depth look at the Bible. In addition to online resources, the course offers opportunities for hands-on study with professors and classmates. The following are some of the free resources available online: 

-An overview of the Bible's historical context

-A guide to reading the Bible

-A biblical timeline

-Suggested reading for each unit.