The birth of a child is a very special moment in the lives of parents. Traditionally, small angels are welcomed in the world with a variety of rituals that are different from one religion to another. The important part of the Christian tradition is the baptismal ceremony, which marks the acceptance of infants into the church, and its acceptance in the Christian community.

During the ceremony, holy water is sprinkled or poured over the head of the baby to release her sin. Sign of Love and God's grace, baptism has extreme interests in the lives of every child. Considering the core of the ceremony, friends and family relatives often carry baptism gifts that can be appreciated by children for years to come. When a baby is too young to appreciate gifts or remember them, personalized baptism gifts (personalisierte taufgeschenke in German) are the most popular choice among sympathizers.


To present something to remember, personalized baptism gifts are the ideal choice. To personalize gifts, sympathizers can well be researching some private messages for newborns or carving baby names, date of birth, or date of baptism day.

The most popular choice for personalized baptism gifts is a beautiful photo frame, along with the baby name and date of baptism at the bottom. Personalized baptism gifts also include plaques where poems, prayers, or special notes can be written.