Milwaukee has some of the strictest dog bite laws in the country. The owner can be held responsible for any bites, even if the dog was never bitten before or the owner wasn't negligent in caring for the dog. 

You should speak with an experienced Milwaukee dog bite attorney immediately to avoid any delays. Additional compensation may be available for an aggravated bite or punitive damages for negligent dog care. 

The owner may not have fed the dog or kept the dog in conditions that made the dog aggressive or bite. People intentionally mistreat their dogs to make them growl at strangers who come onto their property.

If the owner allowed their dog to roam free knowing that it had a tendency to bite people or if the dog was allowed to use other areas of the yard or property than their own, they could be held responsible. 

You may be able to sustain serious injuries if you are bitten by a dog or any other animal. Dog bites can cause stitches and may require shots to treat any disease. You may also have broken bones and potentially serious brain injuries if you were kicked by another animal, such as a horse or other large animal. 

You deserve compensation for the pain and suffering associated with recovering from an injury to your animal. Reputable lawyers in Milwaukee can help you decide how to proceed.

An attorney who specializes in personal injury can assist you with obtaining this compensation for animal injuries and any additional negligence.