It's common practice to achieve over the counter treatments to fight flu and cold germs, but that you're interested in natural prevention and therapy. It is very essential to prevent the disease in a initial time and do cold and flu care in a proper way.

Natural Approaches for Cold & Flu Prevention:

1. Maintain Proper Hygiene: It looks like common sense, however, washing your hands is one of the best prevention approaches for cold and influenza viruses. 

Cold and flu germs are brought on by viruses, therefore antibacterial soaps do not have any impact on avoidance. In reality, studies are in fact generating proof that these products wind up doing more damage than good. So make sure you stay with regular soap and warm water.

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2. Pay attention to what you're touching: Keep your hands from your face as far as possible and from your mouth. It might sound easy, but you would be amazed and how frequently you touch your face. 

3. Get some fresh air: Yes Even in winter fresh air is good for your body. Have a walk and get some exercise to help fight those germs off.

Natural Approaches for Cold & Flu Remedy

1. Chicken soup for the cold. You might believe your mum was kidding when she fed you chicken soup to help fight a cold. 

2. Do not overlook the ginger. Irrespective of the germs, ginger is fantastic therapy. Whether you're fighting off an upset stomach or flu, ginger helps alleviate your symptoms.