There are dozens and dozens of case producers supplying numerous trends of shipping cases in several sizes and dimensions. The majority of these case businesses provide foam inserts. A few are layered foam that's cubed and a few are solid foam. Most want you to feel their block foam is a simple method to make your habit like foam fit. You can buy the high-quality gun bags & range mats for your equipment.

If you have ever used cubed foam or attempted to cut and build your own custom foam fit you'll need to agree that the only way to be certain that your gear is protected would be to get a professional layout and cut your customized foam fit particularly for the thing you need to be protected and here is why.

50" Double Rifle Bag - Olive Drab

Most block foam folds are cut from 4 or 3-inch thick foam bits. At a normal 15" case foundation there will be 3 – 4" thick bits and 1 – 3" thick coating of cubed foam. When you produce your cavities at the first 4" coating that works well so long as your product is 4" thick or less. What happens when one of your things is, say, 6" thick. The pick and pluck foam system get troublesome.

Another issue with block memory foam is that as your objects are pulled from the cavities and pushed back in their cavities and over again, the block foam will degrade. The case becomes full of pick and pluck foam bits instead of the custom cavities you're hoping for if you bought the instance.

With a custom foam insert cut you do not need to be worried about that flaking since the fascia was made by cutting just one solid piece of foam. Additionally, because custom foam beams start as enormous foam cubes that you don't need to be concerned about how thick layers are since not only is that the flat measurement true but the vertical dimensions can be trimmed to any height required.