The term safety advisor is relatively unknown, especially health advisor. This is mainly because these consultants do not work in many companies. These companies pose higher than usual risks to workers, the community and the environment. As safety is our 1st priority to reduce the risk of the employees or workers life.

Excavation, construction, fuel and chemical transportation, medical and nuclear waste disposal – these are examples of companies where they need health safety advisors. Do you need your business? By law, organizations are required to have a n-grader for the risks that business activities pose to the health and safety of workers and the public. 

Environmental impact analysis is also required. For a low-risk company like a clothing center, you can make your own judgment because it's pretty easy. However, where the risks are significant, for example when dealing with radioactive waste, there is a need to meet legal and specialist obligations. 

Frequently deployed health and safety advisors are under construction where we have a CDM coordinator whose specific role is to advise on health and safety compliance, select good contractors, prepare information before construction etc. But not only specialist building needs. 

You can choose the steps to reduce risk based on the findings of his health and safety assessment, update your regulatory compliance, contact the regulatory agencies as needed, train your employees on safety, and report your health and safety observations.