When we think of our health, the teeth are often overlooked. As adults, neglecting your teeth can lead to the loss of teeth. Losing your teeth as an adult can be devastating. Dental implants can be used to restore a smile. You can learn a lot about the procedure, including how much it costs.

Implants made of titanium are designed to be easily inserted into the jaw. Osseointegration is a natural process that titanium's natural properties allow for. This is when titanium fuses itself to the bone, creating an artificial root that is durable and permanently connected to the jaw bone.

Dental implants are very beneficial to restore your beautiful smile and appearance. Although their cost may vary depending on your dental plan and the material they are made of, there are various dental offices in San Antonio such as Comfort Dental that offer affordable services. 

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There are two types of dental implant options. Subperiosteal Implants are the first. These make up the metal frame which is placed just below the gums on the top of your jaw bone. The jaw bone will permanently attach the frame to the frame as the gums heal.

These types of implants are rare and are usually used in cases of significant bone loss. This type of implant is more expensive due to its rarity and the number of required implants. Endosteal implants are the second type of dental implant.

These implants are more popular than subperiosteal. This type is directly inserted into the jaw. Once the osseointegration process has been completed, the patient will need to wait for the healing of the gums before attaching the posts to the implant. Crowns will then be added to the top.