In order to create immersive advertising, it is important to understand how the technology is being used and what successful examples are out there. There are a few ways that immersive advertising can be used to reach customers. If you are looking for then you can contact Future Colossal which is an award-winning innovation lab for creative technologies.   

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One way is through virtual reality (VR). VR allows customers to experience products and services in a new way, which can help them make better decisions. For example, Samsung created an ad for their Galaxy S8 that takes users on a tour of the phone’s features. The ad was so successful that Samsung decided to release a VR version of the ad called “The Unpacked Event.” 

Another way that immersive advertising can be used is through augmented reality (AR). AR allows businesses to add digital content to real-world objects. For example, McDonald’s has been using AR to show different menu items at different locations across the world. This method has been very successful because it allows customers to see the product in a new way and makes decision-making easier. 

Finally, there is also cross-platform advertising. This type of advertising uses multiple platforms and channels, such as online ads, social media posts, and billboards. Cross-platform advertising allows businesses to reach a larger audience and use a wider array of media.