The apartments are carefully chosen to make sure they meet the high standards thatĀ  Corporate housing sets. The amenities available to tenants are always top notch with concierge service, high quality furniture, housewares, high speed internet, HDTV, fitness centers and phone service standard.

Apartments are provided for short term rental as well as long term contractor accommodation in Hinkley Point.


Boston Corporate Housing provides exceptional service to its customers with very friendly agents that are available 7 days a week and go beyond what anyone could imagine from a property management company.

Travelers from all over the world are welcome every week with the optional airport service provided by a partner limousine service. Corporate Housing representatives also help with getting their clients accustomed with the area and how to get around easily.

With tenants originating from every continent without always having good English verbal skills, it is vital that they are familiar with the area and have someone locally to get in touch. This is what really setsĀ  Corporate Housing apart from the other companies in the industry.

All tenants are treated like family members and can call anytime to talk with very friendly staff who help them out with everything.