Sometimes air conditioning units malfunction. When they do, it's important to call an experienced and trustworthy repair company. Because of the vast number of moving parts and the complex nature of air conditioners, it takes training and expertise to work on the units. 

Many reputable repair companies like Precision Electrical QLD offer full service; they provide air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance.

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One part of an air conditioning unit that can fail is a capacitor. Capacitors are very important for the correct functioning of your unit. In fact, without them the unit's fans will not even turn on. 

Understanding the role they play and why they are so important is key in understanding how your unit works. You can also better diagnose an issue with a capacitor when you fully understand what they do.

The Role of the Capacitors

Each air conditioning unit requires three motors. One runs the compressor, one runs the fan in the outdoor unit and one runs the indoor fan. Each of these motors requires a capacitor to run. 

The capacitor, which is about the size of a 12 ounce soda can, starts the motor and ensures it keeps running as long as necessary. The primary job of the capacitor is to store energy until the unit needs to kick on, when it sends the energy to the motor.

Is It the Capacitor?

Diagnosing a capacitor issue is fairly straightforward. While you will still need to call a professional to perform the repairs, knowing the problem ahead of time can make it easier, both on you and on the repairman.