The growth of your wisdom teeth is something that occurs once you reach adulthood but the only problem is that most people have wisdom teeth that grow sideways or are impacted. This can be a serious problem because as the wisdom tooth grows, it digs into the jawbone or pushes into the tooth next to it. 

This can be very painful and it could cause serious complications later on if it is not taken care of. The only solution to this would be to visit a dentist for wisdom teeth extraction.

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It is important to have your wisdom teeth extracted as early as possible because the longer you leave them there, the harder it will be to have them extracted. There is also a risk of more serious complications if the tooth extraction is done at an older age as compared to an extraction that is done in the early twenties.

Impacted teeth can also lead to more serious health problems such as the growth of a cyst, infection or abscess and they could also damage the teeth adjacent to them. The teeth extraction of impacted teeth involves a surgical operation. The dentist will cut through the tissue covering the impacted teeth to extract them. There are also cases when it is necessary to remove some of the bone.

Wisdom teeth extraction involves a minor surgical procedure so it is best to make all the necessary preparations beforehand. There may also be some bleeding after the surgery so it is best to seek the advice of your dentist regarding what is considered to be normal postoperative bleeding and what is not.