How to light a cigar

The most basic part of enjoying a cigar is proper lighting. In order to properly light a cigar, you will need clips specially designed to trim the ends that you stick into your mouth. You can then light a cigar, but not only with old match sticks. 

The cigar must be lit with a good quality cigar lighter that doesn't leave any odors. Lighter should always be of good quality. Moreover it is one of the best gifts for cigar lovers. In case you are looking for a cigar gift then click here now.

high quality cigars lighter

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Now, once you have prepared the cutter head and lighter, hit the lighter and hold the cigar leg over the fire while you paint at the same time. You should try to avoid direct contact between the cigar and the fire. After the cigar is lit, you can smoke it.

Smoking: pros 

When smoking a cigar, resist the urge to remove the ashes. Place your feet on the ashtray and let the ashes fall naturally. This will save you time tapping the "cherry" at the end and turning it back on.

Finally, hold the cigar between your thumb and index finger. Otherwise, you mark yourself as a beginner or a person with no taste.

Calm yourself!

Take your time to smoke. Cigars are meant to be a relaxing smoking experience. This is due to its structure and design. So if you smoke, enjoy it. The best time to do this is after dinner, perhaps with a nice glass of scotch .