Criminal defense attorneys are legal representatives who assist people and businesses accused of crimes. In many cases, clients will call on lawyers to assist them if they face a criminal complaint, are arrested in connection with a crime, or are under a criminal investigation.

The defendant has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. This means that the best Naples criminal defense attorney defending him will use a variety of legal techniques to ensure that his client has as many options as possible to clear his name and is not charged with a criminal offence. 

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If a client is arrested, it does not mean that he or she has been found guilty of the crime. It just means that there is a suspicion that the customer might be connected to them. Investigations are usually opened when no one has been charged with the crime. 

Defense attorneys can also initiate their own investigations to prevent charges against their clients. During this investigation, the attorney must be able to gather sufficient evidence and witnesses to assist the client. 

In the United States, a defendant must be proven beyond reasonable doubt to be imprisoned for the crime. Usually judges decide in court, but when a crime has been committed, multiple jurors must decide the fate of the accused. The defense attorney's various duties also include determining whether the arrest of his client, the charge of a criminal offense or the collection of evidence is unlawful. 

The defendant has rights that must be protected and respected during the trial process. In the case of a violation of the constitution, it is possible that the case will be discussed outside the court or even in court. A plea agreement may be an option for a client if he or she allows the attorney to present it to the judge or prosecutor.