Seniors who are still independent and want to live in their own homes can choose elderly home care. Many people, even though they are getting older, prefer to stay at home than move into a nursing facility or live with others. 

These people value their independence and want it to be preserved at all costs. This is often impossible unless the person receives house guardianship assistance for old-age people from an organization that has been trained to do this kind of care. These are the tasks that older, more able-bodied people take for granted. Here is a list of common duties.

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The majority of home care agency aides can do light cooking. The specific organization will determine what exactly this means. Some older people might have difficulty cooking. It could be too difficult or dangerous.

These organizations also have a duty to light clean: 

A clean home is essential for homeowners' health. If a house isn't cleaned frequently or thoroughly enough, an elderly person may not be able to do the job. They could trip over or fall on items they haven't picked up, and possibly break a bone. 

Prescription Pick-up: 

Many seniors have had their medications prescribed by their doctors. There are many conditions that medications can be used to treat, and some of them can be very serious. Individuals who do not get their medication are at serious risk. The problem with seniors is that they may not be able to drive. 

Dressing up and bathing: 

For some seniors, getting dressed and bathing can be difficult. It can even be dangerous. Slipping in the shower or bathtub can be dangerous, especially for those who aren't strong enough to keep their feet on the ground.