Restoration is the process of returning something to its previous condition and is a necessity for antique lovers in terms of maintaining a beautiful, historical and aesthetic significance. But sometimes this is just an unavoidable process due to natural disasters or other damages.

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There are three main types of damage that require home restoration services:

1. Water damage Repair

Water damage can range from natural disasters to simple household damage such as floods, heavy rains, overflowing toilets, dishwasher leaks, and more. Whatever the reason is, it causes great damage to the home and is often followed by mold.

2. Fire and smoke damage Restoration

A strong lightning strike in a candle, even smoking, can cause fire damage. This also includes faulty electrical wiring or equipment, natural gas and fireworks. This is the most dangerous form of damage because it can spread easily.

3. Repair service for mold damage

Due to poor ventilation and high humidity, mold begins to grow in the house. Mold is also a side effect of water damage. And sometimes this happens more often because we don't take it seriously at first.

In all of the above, it is highly recommended that you contact a home restoration professional because they know the appropriate materials and correct procedures to use while restoring the damage.