There are so many options for bounce houses that it is hard to decide which one you should have at your party. There are many options for sizes, shapes, and configurations. There are bouncers with slides inside. You can even find bouncers with animated characters!

No matter what jumper you pick, make sure you hire a company to set it all up.  You can also hire inflatable games rental and rental service via Partygames. A bounce purchased at a discount store can be costly as you have to set it up, maintain it, and store it. It can also be very difficult to set up heavy items. 

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Vinyl material is used to make commercial jumpers. It's much more durable than nylon, which is what the store-bought inflatables were made of. Many party rental companies will attempt to pass store-bought units off as commercial units. Make sure you ask whether it's vinyl or nylon. It makes a huge difference in safety and quality.

Once you have found a reliable inflatable company, you can choose the style that you like. Every cartoon character has its own jumper. The most popular characters are the ones that kids love. You can see the characters that your children are drawn to by turning on a cartoon. A castle jumper is also very popular.

You can't go wrong with any of the jumpers that you rent for your party. Whatever you choose, your kids will love it!