It only takes one occasion to leave a stain on the inside of your fabric. Even if you don't allow food and drink in the car, wet and dirty hands or a jacket can leave stains. Vinyl chairs are easier to clean, but towels provide a more comfortable alternative in hot or cold weather.

Throwing a bath towel or blanket over the seat is a simple solution to protecting car seats, but it is not reliable or modern. Seat covers and cloth guard protection sprays are the best alternatives to keeping fabric upholstery in its original condition.

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Buy seat covers. Seat covers range from universal styles to covers that are personalized and come in every fabric imaginable. Waterproof seat covers are also available, which are a great choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming or surfing. Look for seat covers with protective pads to prevent fluids from getting into the seats.

Spray fabric protectors on upholstery. The protective cloth product creates a barrier that cannot be penetrated by liquids. Stains cannot stick to fabrics if fabric protection products are used properly. Read the product label and follow the manufacturer's directions for the best results.

Buy upholstery when you buy a car. Many traders offer this as an option at the time of purchase. Ensure service is guaranteed and additional costs are included in the purchase price for additional maintenance.