Stainless steel polish is used to present your stainless steel with a wet gloss look shine. Stainless steel polish also safeguards your stainless steel in addition to making it look great.

Fingerprints are usually the biggest headache when using stainless steel products, stainless steel polish liquid makes a thin barrier between the stainless steel and palms preventing markings.


If you constantly have dust from stainless furniture or equipment you can really help drive away from the dust. If you use food services, make sure to check that the stainless steel product you use doesn't contain the chlorinated solvents that pollute the food.

Polish stainless steel and mixed cleaners together are a quick way to clean your stainless steel products. Polish combo and cleaner will eliminate fingerprints and dust and leave luster on any type of stainless steel.

Notes and stainless steel cleaners do not require more elbow oil than using separate polishing cleaner methods but are usually faster and very good for touch.

When buying stainless steel and cleaners make sure to find out the type of nozzle mounted on cans. The two main types of stainless cleaners can be oval and round nozzles. Oval nozzles are generally better when you have a smaller area to clean and polish.