Backsplash tile creates a beautiful focal point that adds interest and style to the kitchen while making cleaning easier. The large selection of tiles available allows homeowners to customize their kitchen splashback to suit individual preferences. 

Be sure to read all of the manufacturer's recommendations for any tiles you plan to install in your home to make sure it meets your maintenance expectations. You can browse the tile store in Fairfield CT at for a new look of your kitchen.

While the color and texture of your backsplash is a personal preference, it's important to consider whether you intend to sell your home one day and what future buyers will prefer. If you want to add color but don't want to make the back too personal, consider pairing the back in a neutral color and create a bold look with a vibrant wall color that can be easily tweaked later. 

Remember that the back of the tile should complement other elements in the kitchen such as cabinets, countertops and floors. For a more contemporary look, the sleek stainless steel splashback paired with clean and sleek cabinetry and Corian countertops is the solution. Hand-painted tiles to create a pattern or mural on your back will add a rustic or Mediterranean style to your kitchen. 

You can use the same materials for your backing that you use for your countertops for a modern and sophisticated look. Glass brick, sheet metal, or even cork can be other options that you can use for your backing material. In terms of materials and back design, you can go as fancy or as simple as you like. 

If you want to look like a more traditional backsplash, you can simply mount your backsplash on the wall behind the sink and not have to worry about finishing another wall in your kitchen or installing the dashboard on that wall within your budget.

With all the design options for your back, consult a kitchen designer to help you make the right choice for the taste you want to achieve with your kitchen remodel. They can assist you with material selection and installation through the contacts they have made.