Golf in this day and age has become a quest for more and more information. Historically, this information has been extremely expensive and somewhat exclusive to those who can facilitate the systems. There is now a more affordable, more available alternative. We are delighted to introduce you to the world’s first truly affordable and portable launch monitor SkyTrak. You can also look for skytrak launch monitor via

There are two main names in launch monitor technology, Trackman, and GC2.  The system is fantastic, accurate, simple to use but it is costly.  Trackman is used by many tour players and coaches and its pedigree speaks for itself, however, the cost is again extremely high not to mention the space you need to have to use both systems to their potential.

SkyTrak works in a very simple way. It is a photometric, or camera style launch monitor, this means the system works by taking a lot of high-speed pictures as the club goes through the ball and afterward. In doing this, SkyTrak is able to produce a very accurate representation of what your ball flight will look like through the air. GC2 works in a very similar way to this and it is just brilliant.

With SkyTrak, golfers will now be able to see exactly how far their clubs are carrying, how they are launching their driver if they need to work on their delivery to improve spin numbers, and exactly how much side spin is on their fade or draw, all in a very easy to understand format.