Construction vehicles are heavy equipment used on construction sites, especially for earthworks. They are also known as heavy vehicles, engineering equipment, and heavy hydraulics. You can look for top komatsu service kits at for the construction sites.

Consider the most popular types of machines.


Also known as backhoe loaders, front end loaders and front end loaders, these equipment are used to transfer various materials such as rock, sand, asphalt, snow, sawdust and others onto other vehicles or machines. 


Common types of excavators are compact, dragline, excavator (wheel), excavator (digger, excavator), hanging wall, face shovel, regenerator, steam dredge, suction dredge, trench (machine) and yard. 


Bulldozers are tires that can push various materials such as dirt, sand, and others. This gear consists of a shield and a ripper. It is widely used in mines, mines, agriculture, heavy industry and military bases. 

Cement mixer:

Also known as cement mixer, this device helps in mixing cement with various materials such as gravel, sand, water and others to form concrete. It usually consists of a rotating drum that mixes these components.


Consisting of a hoist, bundle and wire or chain rope, this device helps lift and lower a variety of materials. It is very useful in various industries, especially if it is installed on motor vehicles.