Online shopping is growing and more retailers are shipping their products by courier to customers. There are more courier companies than ever before and they have more services. With so many options, it's no surprise that retailers struggle to choose the right courier company via

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What is your top priority?

First, ask yourself if the service is best for the customer or the retailer. A courier that offers redelivery and late delivery services may be ideal for your customers. You may choose a less flexible service that is more cost-effective but offers less flexibility in terms of delivery.

Considerations at the second level

Second level considerations include the time taken for your parcel to reach its destination and whether insurance is available. Your business will be won by a courier who provides exceptional service in all of these areas. 

How can a retailer decide between different courier companies that offer similar services at a comparable price? You still have options after you've discarded the poor, expensive and unreliable courier firms.

Companies of third parties

Third-party booking companies work with international and national couriers to negotiate deals and then resell their services at a much lower price than the courier offers.

Accessing the service

Online booking is available for all reputable courier companies as well as third-party providers. When making a booking, you will need to provide your customer details, delivery and collection addresses, as well as the package weight, dimensions, contents, and value. 

Download automatically

Booking systems that can download all details about the delivery address (collection and delivery), package weight and dimensions, contents, and value in one click are a significant improvement to the functionality of booking tools.