When advertising for a brand, it is an important part of the marketing strategy. Pepsi recently released its Halloween ad, and it has sparked a lot of controversy among social media users. This article shares how to analyze the different aspects of that ad. You can easily find pepsi and coca cola halloween advertising services online from many sites.

Pepsi has been releasing Halloween-themed ads for years. This year, they have released a series of three ads that focus on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" style of commercials. 

Pepsi Ad by Pepsi

The first ad features a group of people looking at the artwork for a haunted house. One person gets chosen to read the story, and then they are taken on a journey through the haunted house. Along the way, they make choices that affect the outcome of the story. 

The second ad features people in a haunted house. They can choose to be scared or brave, and the outcome of their choice affects how the other characters react to them. 

The third ad has a similar premise to the second ad, but this time it's set in a carnival setting. Players can choose to be scary or funny, and their choices also have an effect on how other players behave.

Pepsi used Social Media to get people to watch their ad. They created a post on their Facebook page that said "What's scarier than a ghost? A Pepsi Ghost!" They also created a Twitter account and tweeted the same thing. The ad got a lot of attention from people on Social Media.