At a very young age, 24 years, I have received two therapies – one for the waist and most recently for the shoulder. My lower back is weak and I have sharp and excruciating pain that requires me to do some odd muscle contraction exercises, followed by extensive electrical stimulation combined with muscle contractions. You can also choose the best therapist in Frederick MD via

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Even so, my back is actually getting stronger, even though it still hurts from time to time. I have had my shoulder abused, been in baseball and ski accidents for over 20 years. The result is a bone spur and a partially torn rotator. Treatment: home physiotherapy. I have to thank my orthopedic surgeon for being honest and saving me money by giving me the necessary exercises immediately after my diagnosis. It also saved me from surgery and I finally regained my shoulder strength, although I still have to do the training to this day.

What I conclude from my two “therapies” is that physical therapy can be done at home. With this in mind, I still believe that if the pain is unbearable, a doctor should be sought first. However, I learned a lot of exercises that I could do in my personal life in my own home after I was diagnosed with this so-called injury.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that injuries are potentially preventable before they even occur. This is of course not my new invention, but physical therapy is not only a path to rehabilitation, but also a way to prevent injury. If done, exercises such as basic physical therapy can be done during your workouts or in your spare time. Many of them don’t even require the use of equipment, let alone a fitness membership, which led to my earlier conclusions.

Instead of taking physical therapy, we can do regular exercises and exercises to prevent injury. As you complete your workout, you can begin advanced training, which may include physical therapy equipment, often lifting weights, or an exercise ball.

Below I will outline some physical therapy exercises you can do at home without equipment, whether you are sick or just want to actively avoid common injuries.

Knee exercises

Common Injuries: Many people experience pain around and / or below the kneecap – this is known as patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Targeted Treatment: Stretching and strengthening exercises for the soft tissues around the knee, including the hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.

Exercise: When lifting your right leg, you lie on your back with the injured leg (or targeted strengthening leg) fully extended forward and a few centimeters (about 6-12) from the floor. Hold this position for five to ten seconds, lower your feet back to the floor, and repeat five to ten times.

Shoulder exercises

Common Injuries: The shoulder suffers from a number of conditions including bursitis, arthritis, and tendonitis, as well as stretching of the tendon and muscles and the split shoulder.