Since World War II, the government has accumulated a lot of military equipment, most of which is military tents. Because of this, the government sometimes sells excess military equipment. Used and new tents are offered for sale or auction. Sometimes third-party vendors buy them in bulk and sell them to the average consumer as camping gear.

Perhaps the most in-demand product from this retailer is the tent. After all, you can't go without a tent.If you are looking for military tents then  you can type the following terms on Google like surplus tents, army surplus tents, buy surplus tents then you will find the best online stores that provide military equipment at reasonable price.

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You can start by taking a close look at the rope. The strength of the rope is very important so you don't risk the tent falling on you while inside. Check for mold, rot or mildew. These things will only weaken the rope and break it if you use it in its current state. Straps like this are easy to clean – just dip them in a solution of 8 parts water and 2 parts bleach. Then dry the rope in the sun.

Check the tent fabric. There may be mold and mildew, so you should wash and dry it well. You'll know it's really clean when the fabric stops smelling bad.

Keep in mind that not all unnecessary or used camping equipment can be recovered. Look at the product before you buy it. If you think the parts can't be restored, then no matter how cheap the deal is, feel free to do that too.