Banquet style seating is a traditional arrangement in which the guests sit around the circular table which gives them ample opportunity to converse and interact. Most importantly, every person can see the other clearly. 

It helps you to see who is present at the event and you do not miss welcoming and talking to anyone. You can choose this sitting arrangement for a wedding reception, award ceremonies or even during the informal events. You can hire fitout companies for the arrangements of  banquet seating via

There is a very small difference between the cabaret style and banquet style seating arrangement. In this style instead of surrounding the table completely the chairs are arranged in the form of an arc and from one end the table is kept open.

Such an arraignment is preferred when you want the guests to look towards the stage. The overall styling gives an ethereal appearance.

Although it takes more space per person, this type of seating arrangement is preferred when you have to add more style but have fewer guests at the event. Each of the seating arrangements has its own unique importance and flaws. Depending on the type of event you are hosting the selection of the seating arrangement can be decided.