There are a few accessories that are must haves for any dock that will have boats, personal water crafts, kayaks or any other type of watercraft docking or undocking from your dock. Certain accessories are necessary in order for you to ensure the safety of everyone. You can refer to to begin the journey of finding a boat builder who gets the job done right.

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Below are my top 3 accessories that are must haves for any boat dock:

1. Cleats

Cleats are by far the most important accessory for any dock. Made from a variety of materials and several styles to choose from, cleats ensure that watercraft and their passengers are secure while at your dock. Not only do cleats ensure that docking and undocking is safely maneuvered it also ensures that the watercraft remains as steady as possible while passengers board and unboard. 

2. Lighting

Once again, there are thousands of products to choose from and so many ways you could enhance your dock with lights. But, at minimum you must have enough lighting, in the right places, and at the right time. They must have enough light for safe footing for all pedestrians while on the dock and for safe boarding and access onto the dock.. If your dock protrudes out into the waterway you may want to consider a light to warn off other boaters, placed on the farthest end.

3. Ladders

Be sure there is a way to access the dock from the water. No one wants to think of an incident with a small child or animal falling into the water and not being able to climb out. Ladders are available in a variety of materials, lengths and price.

Now that you have installed the 3 must-haves, and you're confident that your dock is safe, you can think about how you want to personalize your dock space according to your lifestyle.