A caulking gun is often a man's best friend when it comes to killing stink bugs. When it comes to dealing with the problem of stink bugs infesting your home, prevention is half the battle. Once they have entered your home, it is one thing to get rid of them. This is only half of the problem. The second problem is how to stop new stink bugs getting into your home.

The problem of killing them is more difficult than if you were to try to kill roaches or ants. Stink bugs have two main characteristics. One is their distinctive odor which they release when they feel threatened. Two is the fact that other members of the same species will follow them. You need to find reliable, trustworthy and competitively priced caulking services in Melbourne to find caulking.

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This is due to the aggregation hormone that they have been known to release. It doesn't matter how many bugs have entered your home, you won't be able to solve the root problem. When it comes to how to get rid of them, caulk is the best solution. If you have a stink bug infestation in your home, you know that these pests are determined to invade your home. 

They always find a way to get in. Caulk, a durable and permanent building material, is used to fill gaps and create impassable barriers. They are found in bathrooms, where the bathtub meets the tiles. You can also see them on window sills. You probably used caulk to fill any hole in a wall if you've ever needed to.