Well! Even though the children's computers weren't in their rooms, that didn't mean they weren't in any danger. You should warn parents and children about potential dangers and inform them of safe ways to use the Internet.

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Like all tools, the internet has advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of the internet are:

• Quick access to information, training

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• Simple and fast overview of the latest news

• Sources of entertainment, eg. B. Online games with other people

• Communicate wherever we are

• Exchange experiences, views and information with peers and adults who have the same interests or problems

• Children and young people improve their writing skills – writing is the dominant way consumers speak on the Internet

• Promotes the development of creativity

• Develop problem-solving strategies and information selection

Some of the dangers of modern forms of communication are:

• Internet – a new playground accessible to pedophiles

• Find annoying and hostile messages

• The possibility of excessive isolation of children and adolescents due to frequent and/or prolonged Internet use

In addition, it should be noted that electronic violence includes all forms of salty messages over the Internet that are intended to insult, harass, or influence a child, adolescent, or adult who is not safe from the act.