Local backups are useful and useful considering the initial step to protect them. They're very effective against first errors like manual manipulation of data and hardware or software failures however, they are not as effective in the case of protection against disaster, theft, or multiple hardware or software failures because of voltage.

Data center service providers provide greater bandwidth and connectivity in any location. It is monitored remotely. 

With the ever-growing dependence on the Internet and data, it's probably not exaggerating to say that businesses are dependent on data and the Internet. It is, however, awe-inspiring to observe that businesses are taking risks, without considering whether they should invest in a plan to protect their data. 

Security plans for data security, to ensure that it is fully defended, must comply with the three "C's of secure and reliable data centers:

1.) Complete Data plan: The data plan of businesses should be universal and distinctive to face the threats and challenges that lie ahead. A single plan for data should be able to overcome every circumstance, including mistakes made by hand, failures in applications, or natural disasters like floods, fire, theft, etc.

2.) Convenience: Plug-and-play for your IT and business department. Maintenance of servers and data security should be the responsibility of the data center service providers rather than yours. 

3.)Costs: This is the most important aspect. The services provided by the data center should be within your budget. Your provider should not increase the cost of the bundle or bandwidth charges on a monthly basis. 

To overcome the problem of protecting data and data loss, data center backups provide the ideal method to keep your data as well as ensure the security of your data.