Ironically, while flying is the safest way to travel, it is one of the scariest. The idea of air travel can be distracting, but the reality is quite the opposite. Even though I've done a lot of flights, I still feel fear when the plane crosses the runway for takeoff. 

You can consider the best course to overcome phobia of flying via . Here are some points mentioned below.

Stop thinking statistically: aviation statistics prove that flying is very safe, but statistics don't always hold us back. While your chances of dying on the plane are slim, the fact that the statistics exist, we can consider ourselves to be this unfortunate number.

The first time is the worst: just because someone is always flying doesn't mean it's always so easy for them. In fact, most people freak out during their first flight. It is difficult to determine the severity of your condition even without flying. You may be surprised when you get on a plane, but understand that after takeoff, flying is not bad at all.

Breathe and relax: Taking a moment to breathe and relax is important for overcoming flight phobia. One of the most amazing things about flying is the luxury you can experience. You can enjoy a drink, watch a movie, sleep, etc. The combination of comfort, relaxation, and stunning views can create a very pleasant experience.

The most important thing about getting on a plane is that we are all in control of our own thoughts and fears. Take small steps in your head to overcome your flight phobia. Solving these small worries will help you avoid focusing on the large number of fears you may have. Everyone is able to overcome the phobia of aviation.

The problem of high fear of flying by plane has become serious happened in the last days. Afraid to fly generally occurs in most people, especially for those who have anxiety problems that exist.

Looking for individual therapy is another common solution that can be considered as a way to overcome the fear of flying. You can find the best way to defeat fear of flying via

Fear Of Flying

Some people may have some traumatic experience in the past using an airplane to go somewhere, which may stem from a lack of confidence and knowledge about how a plane works to carry a passenger.

In certain cases, some people feel stressed and depressed if every time they are told of flying or something related to the aircraft. They could easily have acted very strangely. Of course, this should be done with the right therapist or psychologist, sometimes these solutions work.

Sometimes, we have to accept that fact we are afraid of flying high in an airplane because some aircraft accidents are common in these days, we can try to free our minds of negative thoughts and forget the experience.

Another way that we can try to avoid this phobia of flying is to try to concentrate on the few activities that actually could be wasting your time with ease, like reading a magazine or a novel, playing with puzzles or watch some movies on the board.