Do you remember the phrase "breakfast is probably the main food in the entire day" from your mother? Your mom isn't alone. expert in our community. As per Mayo Clinic breakfast fuels the body and helps to sustain you for several hours. 

It is reported by the National Institute for Health reports that if you eat a nutritious breakfast, you're less likely to eat too much later throughout the day. Weight Watchers offers guidance on how to shed weight, eating less often can lead to weight gain. 

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Consider this. Breakfast is actually "breaking" your evening "fast". Therefore, if you do not eat your first meal of the day, your body will be running on the power (food) that you ate the previous day. That's a lot from your body. Aren't you thinking?

However, wait for it, because you have that in mind.

Then what's the issue? What can you do?

Making the most of a nutritious breakfast

Mornings can be stressful for many of us. Some of us find the kids, spouse, and pets take up more time than we are able to handle. For us, just getting up is enough of a challenge. The addition of breakfast and a healthy breakfast is just too excessive.

Make a good plan, alter one or two habits and you're already halfway towards making your life healthier. It's as simple to eat healthy as it is to indulge in eating unhealthy. You're in the habit of eating unhealthy food. It's the right time to start developing the habit of eating well.