Pre-rolled hemp or Hemp pre-rolls consist of CBD-rich hemp flowers and not high-THC strains. Although smoking a premium hemp preroll won't get you high, we tell our friends that it can give you a euphoric lift.

Cannabidiol (hemp) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis flower, a plant with a wonderful addition to your cannabis lifestyle. You can use them in many different ways. You can also buy good-quality caviar pre-rolls from various online resources.

CANVAST will also roll. Pre-rolls of premium hemp rich in CBG/CBN will be available from CANVAST. This will allow for a wide range of benefits and experiences. 

High amounts of CBD in hemp flowers can provide the same benefits as other forms of hemp (tincture edibles capsules, vaporizing), but it is much more easily absorbed by your body. 

Hemp Pre-Rolls and Hemp Flower have the added benefit of an entourage effect, which is a combination of all phytocannabinoids in the flower. 

These cannabinoids exist in the exact same ratios that nature intended. They are not extracted. It's like eating an entire orange instead of taking a single vitamin C pill.

There is one thing that is certain: not all pre-rolls will be the same. Three important factors should be considered when selecting the best hemp preroll for you.

  1. Pre-Rolled Paper Material

  2. The hemp pre-roll contains the hemp flower material

  3. How to make the hemp preroll

Pre-Roll paper is an integral part of the pre-roll hemp smoking experience. The paper holds the whole roll together and also gives you a unique taste and experience. Some pre-rolls are produced with bleaching chemicals and artificial dyes.