One of the most important aspects of each table is the quality of the playing surface. The smooth surface will allow the chees to slide on the table. Tables made of high quality material may be more expensive, but are designed for current playback actions. Unlike traditional air hockey tables, the dome-style table does not have a hollow playing surface or a strong blower system, which will push air through holes on the playing surface. With the lack of a blower system, you will see that this table is far more affordable and very low maintenance compared. 

Noting the dimensions of the hockey table will also be important, because you will need a lot of space at home to accommodate the size of the extra table and space you need, to move freely when you play. Before you start shopping, make sure you carefully measure the space available in your home. You have to add extra space to two to three feet at each end, which must be more than enough space for each player. Fortunately, this table is available in various sizes, ranging from models designed for children with a type of full-sized model that you will find on the local arcade. You can know about dome hockey game via

 Super Chexx PRO Deluxe Bubble Hockey Table

Domes itself is just one feature that makes this game table unique. However, if you buy a low-quality table, you can expect a vulnerable dome to the sign and scratches. Look for a table equipped with a dome made of chip and scratch resistant material. The top model model will be equipped with a broken dome.

Top of the line tables will come up with some good additions, such as built-in cupholders, handles for transportation and storage that are easier, MP3 player compatibility, built-in speakers, Bluetooth compatibility, and storage space. This extra is a great addition to any table and will definitely improve your playing experience. However, most tables equipped with these additional features often come with higher price labels.