You might have heard people saying that if you boil water it kills all the germs and makes it good for drinking. But have you wondered that it is as safe as filtered water? Boiling surely makes water clean for drinking directly but it is not as safe as filtered water. Water filters have all the substances and systems inbuilt that clean every impurity from the water and make it completely safe for drinking or for cooking food. People who have kids and old age people at home might not take the risk of just using boiled water. And for the sake of that you can buy a water purification system at

While cooking food you might not ignore the importance of using filtered water. When you drink water directly and make sure that it is safe enough to drink, you must also know that food will also be eaten and pass through your body. And this is the reason why you must also consider using filtered water for cooking. If you are the kind of person who is very conscious about the health and wellness of your family you can install home water purifiers. This way you can use filtered water for every use. 

And when it comes to cooking you can use filtered water to wash your vegetables and fruits as well. This way you don't have to worry about checking everything before you do the cooking in terms of anything and everything.