Mobile devices have become more mainstream and more and more businesses are adopting the mobile-first mindset. Mobile applications are no longer regarded as an optional investment, but a necessity. Many businesses depend on these channels to increase revenue and meet customer demands. Since business practices have shifted to a more mobile approach, mobile apps are in great demand and user expectations from mobile apps are higher than ever.

  • Going beyond mobiles

As smartphone users continue to surge, the number of mobile applications are present on the market increased at an exponential rate. In today's world, mobile applications are developed not only for smartphones but also for various other smart devices that are interconnected – such as smart TVs and other IoT enabled devices. You can get to know about iot mobile app development via

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  • Progressive web apps gaining in popularity

A progressive web application is an application that runs in a web browser. This means that as soon as the user accesses the mobile application, they can immediately start using it, as opposed to native applications that users need to download and install before they actually get to use it.

  • Android instant apps becoming more common

Google recently announced Android Instant Apps that allows android apps to run directly. The good part is that these apps do not need to be downloaded and installed on the mobile device. They run directly. For example, if you receive a link from a friend, you can immediately see the application without having to install an app for that.