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Affinity and Procreate aren't worried about Photoshop on the iPad - The Verge

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It is not that different from the iPhone, it has a widescreen and is itself a multi-capable touch screen that helps you to do various tasks that can not be done using other smartphones. 

Depending on the user's choice, it can be used in either orientation. Below is how you can make the iPad work. Much like the iPhone, you can just slide it to open the iPad, the iPad screen and the iPhone are no different, and both have the home button at the bottom in fact. 

You can open the software the normal way you use an iPhone, where you can also display them on the full screen. It is also possible to view the videos and the pages only the normal way you view them on the iPhone. 

It is possible anytime you try to click through multiple web sites because the website opens the usual way a tab opens and allows you a pull-down menu where you can use the email. 

The iPad keyboard is supposed to be used much like the regular keyboard that you type with your fingers, and not the thumbs alone if you want to type something on the iPad.