Reiki is one of the most amazing, free gifts you can give yourself or others. The intention of Love and Gratitude that comes with Reiki Healing has a beneficial effect on everything you do. 

These techniques are designed to enhance your Reiki practice and ensure comfort between you and your client. For more information about reiki energy healing, you can visit

reiki energy healing

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  • Coordinate the flow of Reiki with your breathing. Place your hands on or near your client, and take a deep breath in. Breathe fully and allow the Reiki healing energy to flow with your breath. 
  • When you breathe again, allow the energy to build up and let it out while exhaling again. This technique is tremendously effective and enhances your own health by encouraging healthy breathing habits.
  • When using the Reiki hand position, remember to keep your fingers together, and press your hands lightly. This is not necessary at all, it is important to follow your own intuition in the healing arts, but most of the time, this simple technique increases the flow of Reiki energy. 
  • When using hands-on Reiki, you can always maintain a strong relationship with your client by light physical contact. When changing the position of the hand, simply move one hand to the new position, then move with your other hand. This ensures a smooth, harmonious, and seamless Reiki session.