Trigger point therapy, a type of massage that works to release pain by massaging tight knots in the muscles. The neck, back, leg, and foot muscles are where the knots tend to be tightest. 

This therapy is designed to reduce muscle tension. Trigger point therapy focuses on the pain and not just the inflammation. Trigger point therapy is used to eliminate pain by destroying pressure clusters. You can buy Myo-trig pro-2 to relieve stress for trigger points. 


Trigger points are areas in the body that cause chronic unbearable pain. These include hypersensitivity, muscle tension and muscle shortening. It can also lead to nausea and dizziness. To relieve pain, it is necessary to deactivate the trigger points. 

This type of massage can cause soreness several days later. To prevent muscle tightening, it is important to stretch the muscles regularly.

Many trigger point therapy massage tools can be used at home to relieve muscle tension and pain. These tools can be used to relieve sore muscles or trigger points. The results will vary.

Backnobber Tool

The Backnobber tool is similar to Thera-Cane, but still retains its unique utility. The Backnobber can be disassembled to fit into a suitcase or carry-on bag for easy travel. The Backnobber can be used by both small and large people.

Healthy Body Ball Massager

Trigger Point massage can also be done with the Healthy Body Ball Massager. The Healthy Body Ball massager is a round-shaped tool that can be used against a wall or on the ground to ease pain. It can also be used against a wall standing up, as opposed to the Lacrosse Balls.