Microsoft, in an increasingly competitive market, once again using its current status as a two-ton gorilla of the software universe to make noise when they enter the realm of cloud computing. With the release of Windows Office365, Microsoft intends to make land in their battle with Google Inc. You can get the best Microsoft cloud services online at

And after reporting more than $ 9 billion in revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2011, Google clearly represents a formidable competition. Windows Azure, the name intended to inspire images of clarity, cleanliness, and unlimited from the blue sky, is a platform that supports Microsoft Cloud-based office packages, among others.

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Azure and the Microsoft Cloud computing system are expected to be used easier by start-ups and small businesses that may have accommodated large and expensive servers in place. Polluted the burden of costs associated with installation, maintenance, and improvement of non-avoidable smooth equipment needed to fully support their software needs. 

The license fee also presents a large enough overhead for small companies that want to maximize profitability. With payment when you go, consumption-based price-setting structure, Microsoft is able to provide the company access to the program built for Azure. Microsoft also offers the ability to store data and run applications reliably from the Cloud. 

All for low monthly fees depends completely on use. In addition to providing office products and flexible data storage, cloud computing services from Microsoft allows for access to important documents and programs from any device with an internet connection. Azure makes this new comfort possible and more simple.