Grupeer is a financial IT platform linking investors and loaners. They offer you choices of investments, helping you to understand and control all of the obligations. You take your personal decision depending on your criteria about an investment type and its own amount.

Grupeer platform allows you to make investments in loans that were already issued. You may read unbiased Grupeer review online in case you want to know more about this platform.

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What exactly in loans?

All loans provided on this platform have been issued by professionals of the credit marketplace, they are also provided with an analysis of loaners' solvency and reasoned agreements. Loans are secured with collateral.

A business that issued a loan is responsible for administering it. You get a share of a specific loan. The affirmation of your involvement in devoting a loan to a debtor is a cession agreement based on which a credit score company moved to you the prerequisites to get a loaner including financing collateral.

The Grupeer pros make an extra caution while selection and analysis of credit firms they collaborate with. They care about the interests of their investors as their loan arrangements are ensured by purchase back.

An investor can purchase back the whole loan or only part of it. Provided that a loaner is making payments, an investor receives gains based on his share and involvement in the company. The platform administrates and controls all of the obligations.