Do you want to stand out from the competition in a simple, attractive, and inexpensive way? Custom poly mailers are a great choice that allows you to protect your products while promoting your brand without having to develop a lot of custom packaging products.

Whether you just want to use your logo or lots of color images, our individual online letter designers will help you bring the look of your packaging to life. Here's everything you need to create a great-looking personal letter with a packaging company such as

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Choose a size of the poly mailer:

Knowing what size you are going to ship is important. Poly mailers are something like bags (actually, they are also called mailboxes and messenger bags) in that they can hold a lot of stuff. However, there is one sweet point to make when choosing your custom poly post size. You want them to be large enough to fit your product without stretching the material, but not so large that there is leftover space that the mailing machine requires to be wrapped or folded before sealing.

Check the raw material artwork:

Depending on your particular packaging theme, you may want to add a bit of iconography to your design. Picking the right one or two images can be the perfect end result for your pack.

Add text:

As a delivery vessel, custom customer emails are an ideal choice for branding messages. On the Text tab, add a sharp title (or slogan) announcing the arrival of your spectacular merchandise. You can increase the font, size, position, color, and more using text editing tools. If you'd like to see a font in an online designer, let us know and we'll check it out!