Most shopping portals show off attractive images of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics. This product shot significantly attracted public interest. Bright and beautiful images produce not only web traffic but buy and send thus improve online store performance. So how could a photographer shoot high-quality work effectively?

One of the most basic aspects of photography is framing and composition. Even if someone has the best settings and equipment, aesthetics are equally important. Art elements need to be seriously considered while photographing the product picture. This includes paying attention to aspects such as lines, shapes, colors, textures, tones, shapes, space, and depth. You can consider the best amazon product photography at

Here are some prominent rules include:

Rules of this third: this is a modern version of the average golden rules used by classic visual artists. The frame is divided into 3 columns and 3 lines by drawing 2 the same vertical lines and the same 2 horizontal lines. Subjects and fields of interest are limited accordingly, thus creating a balanced composition.

Odds Rules: In accordance with this rule the surrounding element other than the subject must be an odd number. This will help balance the frame and make symmetry. This applies especially in the case of an object collection or when various props flank the subject. 

Lighting is also very important in product photography. There are two main types, namely natural lights, and studio lights. If one chooses natural light, it is ideal for adjusting the subject on the surface texture in front of a scattered natural light source, say a window with a thin curtain to avoid hard shadows and glaring.

Light equipment must be turned off to avoid light leakage. If someone wants a more dynamic image, a little reflection can be a definite encouragement. This can be done by placing a shiny dull color paper below. Mendung days turned out to be good for shooting outdoors too. For studio lighting too, diffusion is the key.